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Lumber & Building Materials

Kitzman’s Lumber carries a large assortment of materials for all your building needs, and we only stock quality products. Our lumber is of a higher grade than you’ll find at those big box stores. We also carry Industrial lumber, and hardwoods, along with LVLs and Mason Supplies. Any kind of wood can be special ordered to your exact needs.

We also have a complete hardware store; Hand tool, Power tools, paint dept, electrical and plumbing, if we don’t stock the product you need, we can get it in for you within a matter of days.  



  • FRAMING LUMBER: SYP & SPF, Common and Clear Cedar, Common and Clear Pine, & Pressure Treated Yellow Pine.


  • HARDWOODS: Oak, Maple, Poplar,


  • ENGINEERED WOOD: LVLs 7-1/4”, 9-1/2”, 11-7/8” & 14”


  • PLYWOODS: We carry a full line of CDX, AC, and underlayment plywoods, as well as pressure treated and select hardwood. If you have questions about the best plywood for your application, let our experts steer you the right way. Oriented Strand Board (OSB) also kept in stock.


  • INSULATION: We stock an assortment of faced and unfaced fiberglass insulation, Foam board, & Housewrap.

  • MASONRY SUPPLIES: Drywall, Concrete and sand mix, Portland cement & concrete block. 


  • CONSTRUCTION HARDWARE: Full line of Simpson steel connectors and joist hangers, and collated nails, many stocked in stainless steel.


Browse all of our quality lumber & building material brands

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