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Whether you are a home owner or contractor, have modern or traditional taste. Kitzman’ s Lumber can help you find the right cabinet style that will fit your taste. We can design your kitchen for you or you can bring us your layout, no matter what we are here to help.


Bertch Kitchen caters to original designs. Specialty woods or specialty finishes, sheens, distressing options, specialty effects, the ability to create your own “one of a kind door style. Whether traditional or contemporary styling, Bertch offers 50,000-plus color, wood and style combinations. Custom organizations integrates interior accessories to add to the functionality of your investment.

Bertch bathrooms are made for living. Providing one of the most extensive bath cabinetry programs in the US today. Bertch specializes in diverse styles, sizes and finishes. The real beauty of Bertch cabinetry is that it’s “built to last.” Limited lifetime warranty contributes a feeling of environmental responsibility.

Marketplace stock cabinetry guarantees the same care and craftsmanship that is put into all the Bertch family of products. The balance of door styles combines with wood and color combinations is the perfect builder line.


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